Welcome to the B2B matching system,

In this page you will find a summary of all the functionalities in Industry Meet. 

Through the main menu bar at the top of the page you can access the various sections of the platform, as it follows.

How to use the platform:

  1. Fill out your Profile:
    fill in and keep updated your company profile and Project information that is being presented to participants.

  2. Define your Time availability - VERY IMPORTANT!:
    in the Availability area, mark in green (available) or red (not available) the time slots in which you are available to arrange meetings accordingly.

  3. Request appointments to Projects/Participants:
    view the Projects or Participants in the list of Projects/Participants and request appointments to those of your interest. 

  4. Manage your appointment Requests:
    rate your outoging requests on the base of the importance you attribute to the meeting (5 stars: most important);
    Be considerate! Do not leave outstanding requests: accept or decline the incoming requests

  5. Check your Agenda:
    - appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform and visible in Agenda according to both interlocutors’ availability time.
    - once agendas are frozen/locked, appointments are set for a certain day and a certain time.
    - use the online Agenda, print it and get ready for your meetings.

In this section you can enter all the information needed to present your company.

  • Company profile: Enter a brief and effective description to present your company, emphasizing the products / services you want to promote on this particular occasion. The more accurate your presentation, the more opportunity to arouse interest and capture the attention of other participants.

  • Additional specifications: finalize your profile by completing the requested additional info and choosing among the proposed fields that best define your business.

In this section you can manage your availability time.

  • Click on the slots and mark in green the time slots in which you are available to have meetings whereas in red those where you are not available. Appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform in the indicated green slots.

    Nb. do not change your availability once agendas are frozen without informing the organization. If a meeting of yours results "not schedulable" in the Requests section, you can increase your time availability as a solution, so that the system has greater possibility of identifying a free time slot to arrange the meeting.


View our Projects or Market Guests profiles in the list of Participants/ Projects and send an appointment request to thouse that best suits your interests.

  • Filters: make use of the search criteria to identify attendees of your interest fastly and easily. You can filter the projects according to their category, and Market Guests by their profession

  • Request appointments: once identified the companies you are interested in, you can view their profile by clicking on "Eye Icon" and request them an appointment with the "Request Meeting" button.

    NB: do not forget to accompany appointment requests with a message.


Manage your appointment requests autonomously: scale your appointment requests on the basis of the importance you attribute to each meeting (5 stars: the most important), accept or decline the incoming appointments and remember not to leave outstanding requests!

  • Schedule an appointment: the accepted appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform and made visible in the users’ agendas once locked/frozen by organizers.

  • Schedulable appointments: the availability of time matches, so the appointment can be arranged, locked and will be present in your agenda.

  • Not schedulable: the appointment can not be organized because both interlocutors are not presenting common free slots. As a solution, increase your availability time.

Your Agenda is optimized and elaborated by the system to guarantee the highest number of appointments possible to all attendees.

  • How it works: accepted appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform and set in a specific date and time according to the main event program. In Agenda you will be able to take a look at your meetings after receiving the “Agenda frozen” email by Admins.

  • Re-scheduled appointments: meetings may be subject to a new rescheduling, if still not frozen. You will be informed in time if a new agenda is coming with your confirmed appointments.

  • Agenda freezing: once agendas are frozen, appointments are set for a certain day and a certain time. At this point, you can print your Agenda and get ready for the meetings.


b.square makes use of BlueJeans as main video conferencing for the management of virtual meetings. The official BlueJeans App has greater meeting performances and more functionalities that can be used for presentations or video streamings.

The meetings links will be visible in Agenda and you can reach your interlocutor by clicking on the “Join this meeting” button regularly.

If you want to invite someone to participate in your meetings, pass your scheduling by clicking on the "Share Agenda" button, copying and pasting the direct link.

Here below you can download the PDF and find some useful tips to ease your video meeting experience: